Reseller Hosting vs Affiliate Marketing: Which is the best earner?


Your agency's customers want high-quality web hosting. There's more than one way to help them out, and earn money.

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We offer two very different ways for agencies (and others) to earn money as you set your clients up with our high-quality Web Hosting. In both cases, websites are stored on our servers and we take care of all the networking and infrastructure. Beyond that, the differences come into play.

Here's a quick comparison of Affiliate Marketing (which is a commission-based referral scheme) and Reseller Hosting (a product that you manage and onsell to your customers).

Affiliate Marketing: One referral, up to three years of commissions

Affiliate Marketing is much more of a hands-off option. You can think of it as a referral program. You recommend that people join MyHost and once they’ve signed up, your job is done. The money keeps coming, though - for every new customer you refer, you earn an ongoing commission for up to three years.

While your current customers are most likely to trust your recommendations, one advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that you can also gain from any referral. You might refer customers who you have known for years, or one-time visitors to your website. Either way, you win.

Depending on the products that your referred customers sign up for, you’ll earn 5-15% of what they pay.

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Reseller Hosting: More control and responsibility, full pricing power

With Reseller Hosting, you get much more control over your clients’ hosting experience - right down to the specifications of their package (the amount of storage they receive, for example), the price they pay for it, and even the brand that’s attached to it.

What does this mean for you? It means that you have an easy way to offer a new service to your clients. It adds more value to both sides of the client relationship and, because web hosting is typically “sticky”, helps those relationships last longer.

It also means that you will take on some of the responsibilities of a hosting provider. Your clients will turn to you when, say, they reach their storage limit or want to query an invoice.

Since you are in control of the way you price the products that you resell, it’s not up to us to tell you what your margins could be. But to take an example, we offer a Reseller Hosting package that includes up to 30 customer accounts and a total of 30GB disk space. If you sign up before July 31, you can get this package for $554 a year. To spread that cost over 30 customers only takes $1.54 a month. What price could you put on a small Web Hosting package?

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