Web Hosting shopping guide: Features, prices, and more

06 09, 2023

Avoid rip-offs and learn how to spot traps as you compare Web Hosting packages....

A quickstart guide to websites, hosting, domains, and almost everything else

05 09, 2023

Ok, maybe not everything. But if all of this website stuff is new to you, start here....

Most domain prices are on their way up again

29 08, 2023

Once again, we're experiencing the annual squeeze from our supplier of .com and other international domains....

We're fully patched against Zenbleed

01 08, 2023

All of our infrastructure is secured against Zenbleed, a vulnerability that made it possible to steal data straight from some CPUs....

Jonny Schneider on how digital product teams can learn more, faster

17 07, 2023

The secret is knowing how to go wrong, and what to do next. The outcome can be a transformed company....

Reseller Hosting vs Affiliate Marketing: Which is the best earner?

14 07, 2023

Your agency's customers want high-quality web hosting. There's more than one way to help them out, and earn money....

CentOS Linux end-of-life update: The plot thickens

30 06, 2023

Our chosen Web Hosting operating system is deep into its “end of life” phase, and now its developers have dropped another bombshell....

Growing your digital agency with Reseller Web Hosting

26 06, 2023

Web Hosting can fit nicely alongside many agencies' current digital services. Here's how to expand into the web hosting market ...

Hey Google, where are your 10 million domains going to end up next?

21 06, 2023

If you registered a domain for the 10-year maximum, you’ve shown more commitment than Google Domains. ...

Expert Interview: Donna Spencer on why UX skillsets beat toolsets

01 06, 2023

Donna Spencer wants people to remember that UX is a way of thinking and a set of skills - not just a bunch of tools....

Predicting domain price rises: What can a TLD tell us?

12 05, 2023

Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But we reckon that a domain’s TLD offers clues about what it might cost when you renew...

Expert Interview: Content Strategist Sally Bagshaw always puts users first

04 05, 2023

Talk with Sally Bagshaw about digital content and you talk about information, business strategy, user experience, and more. It's not...