Ubuntu 24.04 is tested and ready to go on Virtual Servers


A new version of popular Linux distro Ubuntu is available on MyHost servers. It will stay in support for years to come.

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When you spin up a new Virtual Server with us, you've always had a choice of Linux distro. That choice has now expanded with the release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (long term support).

As is traditional, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS has been given an alliterative, animalistic moniker. It's also known as Noble Numbat.

Long term support

Whatever you call it, the most important part of this distro's name is the abbreviation "LTS". That stands for "long-term support" and it means that the Ubuntu team are going to keep this distro patched and stable for a long time. Standard support will last until April 2029, and legacy support will stretch all the way to 2036. These dates, which are confirmed in Ubuntu's release cycle, give Noble Numbat two years beyond the support period of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Jammy Jellyfish. (Going back one more step 20.04 LTS, Focal Fossa, is in its last year of standard support.)

So if you want a Linux server with a long future ahead of it, this is probably the distro for you. There's more to it than longevity, too.

Reasons to nominate Numbat

As Ubuntu's own release announcement puts it, "Our 10th Long Term Supported release sets a new standard in performance engineering, enterprise security and developer experience."

Included in Noble Numbat's boasts are:

  • Inclusion of the new 6.8 Linux kernel.
  • Full support for .NET 8.
  • A solution to the Year 2038 problem (if you haven't had your eye on 2038 yet, let Wikipedia explain what could go wrong).

There are many more features and details in the full release notes.

Tested and ready to go

As always, we have thoroughly tested this new distro before making it available on servers.

After putting Noble Numbat through its paces, we're confident that you'll find it to be an improvement over its predecessors. It will serve you well for years to come, so why not spin up a new Linux Virtual Server now?

Numbat image by Seashalia Gibb from Pixabay.

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