Choosing a Linux distro

17 12, 2021

When you’re setting up a new VPS (virtual private server), we let you choose from a range of operating systems. Each one is a distributio...

Upgrading technology we hope you never need

16 12, 2021

Every site we host is safely, automatically backed up so you can restore your way out of emergencies....

cPanel price rises will keep coming

08 12, 2021

cPanel costs are an ever-growing part of web hosting bills all around the world....

Linux hosting, Windows hosting, cPanel and Plesk

08 12, 2021

Linux or Windows? cPanel or Plesk? Some choices aren’t as hard as they seem....

Best tips to keep WordPress secure

07 12, 2021

WordPress is popular, so it’s a common target for hackers. But with a few simple actions you can avoid a lot of trouble....

Here’s why you won’t see PayPal in our checkout anymore

06 12, 2021

PayPal is no longer an option when you pay your MyHost account. Our CEO explains why, and what other options you have....

When, and when not, to choose WordPress

23 11, 2021

WordPress is easily the world’s most popular choice for people creating a website, from top web designers to beginner-bloggers. But is it...

New Web Hosting packages: What current MyHost customers need to know

11 11, 2021

If your account was merged into MyHost from a different brand and you’re hitting up against your storage limits, it’s time for a free upg...

Web Hosting 101: The most common questions answered

09 11, 2021

From knowing how servers work to actually finding which hosting solution and provider is right for you, we've got you covered....

email hosting.

Want a professional email address? All you need is a domain and hosting

27 10, 2021

A business email address seems like a small upgrade but it actually makes a big difference in branding, customer trust and revenues....

Link Your Domains Direct domain to MyHost Web Hosting

26 10, 2021

Now you have a domain it's time to link it to your MyHost web hosting plan. Let us show you how easy it is....

What to look for in a WordPress web host

11 10, 2021

The list of WordPress hosting providers is endless. We narrow down your choices by giving you the top qualities a web host should have....