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Wil Brown on WordPress and its community

24 05, 2024

Arriving in Sydney in 2012, Wil Brown immediately found his place in the local WordPress community. Today he’s organising meetups and Wor...

See you at WordPress Sydney's July meetup

06 05, 2024

I'll be presenting at WordPress Sydney on 31 July. Come along to hear about speeding up WordPress at every level....

Look out for fake emails about WordPress vulnerabilities

05 02, 2024

Fake emails about "high-risk vulnerabilities" in WordPress contain links that you should not click. As always, caution is your ...

If you run WooCommerce and Elementor Pro, update Elementor Pro TODAY

03 04, 2023

Older versions of Elementor Pro allow users to escalate to WordPress admin access....

What does ChatGPT know about WooCommerce?

23 02, 2023

We wondered whether the world’s favourite AI would be a useful guide when you’re learning about the world's favourite ecommerce plat...

Stand out with these SEO basics for WordPress beginners

06 10, 2022

If you’re new to WordPress, you’re probably new to search engine optimisation (SEO) - your key to being found online....

Ten problems with free WordPress hosting

12 08, 2022

Free WordPress hosting may seem like a good deal, but it almost never is. Here are ten common issues that you might want to avoid....

Best tips to keep WordPress secure

07 12, 2021

WordPress is popular, so it’s a common target for hackers. But with a few simple actions you can avoid a lot of trouble....

When, and when not, to choose WordPress

23 11, 2021

WordPress is easily the world’s most popular choice for people creating a website, from top web designers to beginner-bloggers. But is it...