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See you at WordPress Sydney's July meetup

06 05, 2024

I'll be presenting at WordPress Sydney on 31 July. Come along to hear about speeding up WordPress at every level....

Clean-up time: Trash folder cleanup will auto-delete old files

18 04, 2024

IMPORTANT UPDATE: From 6 May 2024, files that have been in the trash for more than 30 days will be deleted forever....

Platforms and Pricing Power: Shopify’s Plus-Sized Move

15 02, 2024

A 20% price increase shines a light on the big trade-off involved with Shopify. Is the convenience worth the cost and the lock-in?...

The .au namespace is shrinking

08 02, 2024

In just four months, 39,000 .au domains have disappeared. What’s going on? And how long will it last?...

Website Builder now supports full ecommerce sites

22 11, 2023

Build a store, organise your products, manage payments and more - all within MyHost's super-easy Website Builder....

Holiday opening hours, 2023-24

21 11, 2023

Over the Christmas & New Year break, we'll spend a little less time answering phones and support tickets. Emergency support is a...

MyHost customers caught up in new phishing attack

17 11, 2023

Fake emails that look like they're from our sister company, SiteHost, are trying to scam MyHost customers. Here's how to protec...

A fifth consecutive year of cPanel price rises

31 10, 2023

WebPros, the owners of cPanel, have stuck to their annual routine of hiking prices. Sorry....

We're fully patched against Zenbleed

01 08, 2023

All of our infrastructure is secured against Zenbleed, a vulnerability that made it possible to steal data straight from some CPUs....