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I'll be presenting at WordPress Sydney on 31 July. Come along to hear about speeding up WordPress at every level.

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Once you’ve compressed every image, updated every plugin and deleted every old theme, what more can you do to speed up your WordPress websites? Quite a lot, as it happens.

In July I'm coming to WordPress Sydney's meetup to talk about Speeding Up WordPress at Every Level. From working with a lot of developers on website performance, I've learned that good web hosts have a bit of a different way of seeing website performance. That's the source of the lessons that I'll share on the night.

It's obvious that your WordPress sites can only run as fast as the slowest part of the system. But how do you find that part? And what can a busy developer do if there's something sluggish in the depths of their tech stack?

Sydneysiders who come along will get a view of WordPress optimisation all the way from hardware up to plugins and themes. We'll take a few stops along the way to look at techniques for making more efficient use of your infrastructure, and ultimately creating quicker websites for your clients or managers.

It's a free event. You can join WordPress Sydney and register to attend now. See you there!

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